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Diagnosing Dry Stress on the Lawn

During warm summer months, the blazing sun and lack of rainfall isn’t always what your lawn needs. Luckily, Weed Man has got you covered with tips for battling heat stress.... More

Backyard Projects to Keep Your Kids Entertained

Looking for New Ways to Have Fun in the Sun? Weed Man Central Oklahoma Has Got You Covered.... More

Backyard Makeover on a Shoestring Budget

Seeing Summer Backyard Makeover Inspiration? Weed Man Has Got You Covered.... More

Mole Cricket Management

Facing a Mole Cricket Infestation? Weed Man Has Got You Covered.... More

Spending Memorial Day on the Lawn

For many homeowners this weekend also signifies the start of summer. The temperatures are climbing, the sun is out and your “Honey To-Do List” is growing. With the return of the outdoor season, your list of chores lengthens. The Memorial Day long weekend is a great time to get all your home project complete and in order. Use this homeowner’s Memorial Day checklist to get your outdoor space in tip-top shape!... More

How to Know If You Have Grubs in Your Lawn

Are you noticing unusual changes in your lawn? If your lawn appears unhealthy, has yellow patches, small holes or a disrupted root system, you may have a white grub infestation. Although small in size, these destructive pests can cause significant, costly damage to local lawns if no control methods are taken.... More

Cultural Practices to Keep Your Lawn Thriving

Here at Weed Man Central Oklahoma, we believe that lawn care is a partnership. We work closely with homeowners to control weeds, fertilize, improve lawn health and diagnose problems. At the same time, we rely on our customers to follow good cultural practices to keep the lawn healthy. More specifically, proper watering and mowing will help you achieve better, quicker and more long-lasting results. Follow these guidelines when caring for your lawn.... More

The Negative Impact of Weeds on Your Lawn

While many homeowners despise the appearance of weeds in their lawn, many don’t understand why weeds are undesirable and the negative impact they can have. While not all weeds are harmful, others are extremely aggressive and invasive. Without adequate control, many common weeds can quickly overtake your home lawn, contribute to allergies and be harmful to pets and children.... More

Managing Spring Dead Spots

Spring dead spot appears as Bermuda lawns come out of dormancy (and less often in Zoysia).  Affected spots will show up year after year and can grow in size. The fungus (Ophiosphaerella) that causes spring dead spots rots the roots, rhizomes, and stolons of the plant during the fall and winter, which causes the plants to weaken.... More

It’s Time to Schedule Your Spring Aeration!

It’s time to schedule your spring aeration! Warm season grass is aerated in late spring and through summer. Everyone’s lawn needs aeration at least 1-2 times a year. Aeration helps to relieve soil compaction, improve drainage, control thatch and increase lawn density.

... More

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